About Us

Nihongo Monogati is a project born by a group of multilingual linguists. Our goal is to make Japanese accessible to as many people as possible. And that’s why we decided to share little by little Jlpt and Japanese related resources to the world for free! For those who prefer to be followed by professional tutors we also offer private and group lessons. Feel free to contact us for prices and additional information!

What Does “Nihongo Monogatari” Mean ?

“Nihongo” (日本語) means “Japanese” and “Monogatari” (物語) means “story”. Actually “Monogatari” in Japanese comes from the verb “kataru” (語る) “to tell a story”, but “Monogatari” is also one of the oldest Japan literary genre. It became incredibly popular during the 10th century and was a favourite of the Imperial court. It’s narrative and the majority of Japanese classics were written in this format. So because we are here to “tell” you all about Japanese and Japan it seemed really fitted.



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Why Learn Japanese?

Travel to Japan With Confidence

Travel to Japan with no problem! Japanese are not famous for loving  speaking other languages, but here you can learn all you need to comunicate with them with ease.

Increase Your Job Opportunities

A new language means new possibilities! Because of globalization becaming fluent in different languages has became essential. So don’t pass on the opportunity: learnig Japanese will help you to communicate with a foreign client or come in handy during business travels. 

Appreciate Japanese Manga, Books, Musics, Anime and Music in The Original

Here you’ll learn a strong base of grammar that will allow you to finally apprecciate your favorite Japanese Movie, Manga and so on in the original!

Make New Friends

Learning japanese will also help you finding new friends! The more languages we learn, more will be the people we can comunicate with.