Japanese Tutoring Services

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Are you studing for a Japanese exam or JLPT?

Or maybe did you fell in love with Japanese culture?

It doesn’t matter the reason, we are here to help you out with tailored classes and lessons.

Start enjoying manga, books, TV series and music in Japanese; it’s the best!

Feel free to contact us by email anytime for further information.

What Can We Do For You?

Individual Lessons

Study Japanese at your own pace and from the comfort of your house!


Group Lessons (min. 3 people)

If you want to learn Japanese but you are on a tighter   budget that probably the best solution. You can either     share the lessons with friends and family or we can put     you on a list and as soon as the minimum numer is     reached we are going to create the class!

JLPT Test Preparation

We offer lessons catered toward the JLPT.  As for now we offer classes from the N5 to N2.


Level of Students


Absolute Beginner








Professional Tutors

All our teachers have been Japanese tutors for years and some of them currently works as translators (also manga translators!). Moreover, they all have a Master Degree in Japanese Studies, have lived in Japan and hold at least an N2 level.

Let’s Start Learning Together!

What are you waiting for?

Lessons Held in: English, Italian

Send us a message for further information regarding availability of the classes and prices. Remember the more you are, the less you are going to pay!

We do offer a free trial of approximately 30 minutes where we are going to assess what are your goals, what text to use and to answer to your questions.